At Usworth Colliery Nursery School, the vision for our children is to;

Have positive well-being and engagement

We acknowledge that the best learners need to be happy, curious and confident, so we put our children’s wellbeing at the centre. We do this through a nurturing approach and encourage children to be resilient and know that they are valued.

Be creative thinkers 

Our children are the next generation of scientists, architects, engineers, doctors, leaders and entrepreneurs. This all starts at an early age through enabling them to be creative problem solvers through leading their own learning supported by attentive adults.

Be confident communicators 

The confidence to communicate is the key to life, we aim to give our children the best start to this journey. We know there is more to communication than the spoken word, so we encourage our children to be fantastic listeners, able to share their feelings and ideas and connect with others.

Experience the awe and wonder of the world.

Our world is an amazing and precious place, and we aim to nurture this in our nursery. We do this by showing our children how to value where they live, understand their place in the world and how to look after it through a curriculum that is full of inspirations and first-hand experiences.

student at nursery